"The Art or Practice of Cooking"

The Essential Foodie~ Cooking with DoTerra Essential Oils

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Adults only please. Food is medicine.  It can also be poison if we let it be.  This class is about celebrating the natural flavors of food and integrating medicinal ingredients into our food and drink through essential oils. These recipes are all about blending essential oils and using them in a variety of ways to […]

Sushi Night with Chef Joe

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You roll what you eat!  Choose your own!  Our safest class!!  Lots of technique in this class! You may bring a teen/child (age 10 and up) to class, but you must pay for an adult ticket. Love going out for sushi, but hate paying the prices? Learn to make your own in this hands-on class […]

Date Night Under the Tuscan Sun

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Date Night – tickets are sold for 2 persons.  Adults only. Picture this romantic dinner in your mind: The sun is setting, your outside of a quaint bistro in the rolling hills of Tuscany, a glass of wine in your hand, soft music is playing, the delicate smells of summer are tickling your senses…okay! Wake […]

Fantastically Filled Cupcakes *This class contains nuts and gluten

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What's better than a cupcake? Maybe a filled one! This class will be filled with gourmet flavored cupcakes but each with a surprise center of cream, curd, or jam!  Who doesn't love a surprise!? We are excited to make a sweets- filled line up of Cashew Toffee Cupcakes, Espresso Walnut Cream Cupcakes, Maple Ginger Cupcakes, […]

Frozen Wonderland

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Join us on a magical adventure through the icy world of Frozen! Enjoy heartwarming sweet recipes inspired by some of your favorite characters from all the Frozen movies.  In this adorable class our guests will create memorable recipes like Marshmallow Frost Bites, Elsa’s Ice Cream Punch, Popcorn Snowballs, Melted Olaf Yogurt Cups, Sven’s Carrot Cupcakes, […]

Pasta Making 101 with Chef Joe

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This class is appropriate for adults. Welcome to the most delicious (and filling) food known to man: pasta! Making pasta from scratch may seem intimidating to the home cook, but in reality, it’s quite simple. It’s very likely that you already have everything you need to get started sitting in your pantry! In this class, […]

Kid’s Fall Favorites!

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Fall is a magical time of year here in the Midwest. Bonfires, holidays, and of course, great fall food! In this class, we'll be focusing on fall favorites that kids in particular are going to love, and we will even sneak in some veggies along the way- we won't say anything if you don't ;). […]

Couple’s Cooking~ An Evening in Paris

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We call this one of our best classes for sure.  Sells out every time.  Adults only, please.  Tickets sold in pairs. They deglaze with booze and cook with butter and heavy cream guiltlessly.  We tend to idolize all things French. Paris, in particular, has long been seen as one of the most amazing and iconic […]

Bougie Bites on a Budget hosted by The Little Black Dress Initiative and Junior League of Peoria

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Did you know… Peoria is home to the 2nd most economically distressed zip code in Illinois and the 48th most economically distressed zip code in the nation? You can help the Junior League of Peoria change this devastating fact.  Join us for a night of enlightening cooking as we prepare a meal with limited grocery items found in […]

Oh My Gourd!

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What better way to celebrate Morton, the pumpkin capital of the world, than to 'squash' the hesitation that keeps us from incorporating more squash into our diet! Pumpkins and squash are so healthy and delicious, but can sometimes be tedious to work with. Let us show you how to work with all of your fav […]