"The Art or Practice of Cooking"

Kid’s Cooking- Video Game Edition

Sold Out $40 – $60

Sold out!  No worries, we do this one often so keep watching!! This class is appropriate for ages 5-12 with an adult or age 13-17 with or without an adult (buy the teen ticket if they are coming solo). Are you looking for a class that will “switch” things up a bit? (No punintendo) If […]

Star Wars Galactic Grub

Sold Out $40.00 – $65

Sold out!  NO worries, we will add another to the lineup soon for fall so keep watching!! In a kitchen far, far away, (well, maybe not too far!) Allow your taste buds to take you through space and time continuum to The Cookery where we'll make Star Wars inspired foods such as Tusken Raider Taters, […]

Disney~ Land of Magic

Sold Out $45 – $65.00

Sold out!!  No worries, we do this one all the time!  Grab a ticket to one of our other Land of Magic classes!!! Our most popular class for any age!!  Appropriate for ages 3 and up!!  Everyone loves Disney!! One of the best parts about visiting Disney is the food! Even though we can’t always be […]

Summer Desserts!

Sold Out $35.00 – $65.00

Sold out!!!!  No worries...we have several other dessert classes posted! Are you looking for a fun way to spend time with your kiddos this summer, up your dessert game, or just satisfy your sweet tooth? In this class, we'll do all of the above, and all while creating refreshing, summery desserts that are sure to […]

Foods & Wine of Sonoma Valley, CA

Get Tickets $65.00 9 tickets left

A great date night or a night out with friends!!   Great class for a sophisticated palate and wine lovers!! I'm sure we all wish we could travel more, so why not join us for a quick trip to Sonoma Valley, California through your taste buds! The Sonoma area has become well known for not just […]

Kid’s Cooking: Back to School Favorites

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Before the kiddos head back to school, why not join us for one last hurrah?! In this class, we'll make tasty meals and snacks that are perfect for quick morning breakfasts, school lunchboxes, after school snacking, and a few treats to satisfy our sweet tooth.  We will make fun bites such as Homemade Pita Pizzas, […]

Sushi Night with Chef Joe

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You roll what you eat!  Choose your own!  Our safest class!!  Lots of technique in this class! You may bring a teen/child (age 10 and up) to class, but you must pay for an adult ticket. Love going out for sushi, but hate paying the prices? Learn to make your own in this hands-on class […]

Knife Skills 101~ All Ages!

Sold Out $35 – $65

Just a couple spots left! Appropriate for ages 7 and up!!  This class is about breaking bad habits and building proper skills! This is by far our most popular workshop!  Both young and old need this class- we break the bad habits of the adults, and get the kids started on the right track. If […]

Cuisine of India

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This is always a hot ticket!  So don't wait to make your purchase! It’s now 2021, and Indian food is still super new to the United States. There are only about 5,000 Indian restaurants nationwide! Many people assume two things: One, it’s going to be very spicy and two, I’m not going to like it! […]

Summer Cupcakes

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Do you have a summer sweet tooth that needs satisfied?! Well we have you covered! In this class, we'll show you all of the awesome tips and tricks we have for the perfect cupcake, frosting and filling techniques, and delicious garnishes that will elevate these tasty cupcakes to the next level! We'll make Lemon- Blueberry […]