"The Art or Practice of Cooking"


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Sold out!!  NO worries - we do this one all year long!  Keep watching for another one soon! Does your child idolize everything Pokémon?  Well, this class will be perfect to show off those trading cards and attack some seriously fun recipes that resemble some of our favorite Pokémon characters!  Kids will work hands-on in […]

Homemade Pasta – All Ages

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Sold out!  NO worries...we do this one all the time.  Keep watching for the next date! This class is appropriate for adults and also kids age 10 and up. Welcome to the most delicious (and filling) food known to man: pasta! Making pasta from scratch may seem intimidating to the home cook, but in reality, […]

USA State Staple Foods

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Sold out!  No worries...we will do this one again soon! Great class for adults, teens and kids (with a parent)!! You may think you know American food, but there is probably a lot more variety here than you would have thought! In this class we will eat from every region of the United States, and […]


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America has long been the land of the "meat and potatoes" dinner, the heart of that tradition being right here in the Midwest. In recent times, we've learned that a diet heavy on meat is not healthy for us at all. In fact, many people are going completely meat free! Done right, this diet can […]

Date Night: French

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Sold out!  NO worries...more date nights are posted for Feb and March!!   Adults only We call this one of our best classes for sure.  Sells out every time.  Adults only, please.  Tickets sold in pairs.  Please buy JUST ONE TICKET PER COUPLE!!  WE WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY IF YOU OVER-PURCHASE TICKETS FOR THIS CLASS. […]

Couples Cooking: French and Italian Date Night

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Sold out!  No worries!  We have other date nights still available in Feb and more coming soon for March! ADULTS age 21 and over only please. This ticket admits 2 adults to our French & Italian Date Night.  If you over-purchase your tickets, you will not receive a refund so please be sure to purchase […]

Cream Puffs and Eclairs

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Lots of room in here!  Celebrate the month for sweets and pastries! Appropriate for ages 7 and up!!! In classic French bakeries (and many modern ones) you can always find fluffy, crisp pastries filled and topped with sweet and delicious flavors. If it's a good bakery, they are making their own Pate a Choux paste by […]

Sushi – All Ages

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Sold out!  NO worries...we do this one all the time! One of our best classes, definitely our most popular! If you love sushi as much as we do, grab your friends and family, and join us for one of our best classes with a mix of classic favorites and delicious new creations! This is our […]

Super Bowl Apps & Party Foods

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Sold out!! No worries!!  This class will be back next year!! Just in time for your awesome Super bowl party!!  This class is appropriate for ages 8 -Adult. Americans are obsessed with Football. In 1967, the first-ever “Super bowl” was played, and at about the same time, baseball was left in the dust. Since that […]

Intercourses – Cooking with Aphrodisiacs

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This ticket is sold as a 2-person ticket!  If you over purchase tickets for this event we will not refund your money. Please be sure to get just one ticket per couple.  Adults 21 and over only please! Most scientists believe that there is a lot of power in the food we consume. Some even […]