"The Art or Practice of Cooking"

Homemade Pasta – All Ages

Sold Out $30.00 – $85.00

SOLD OUT! This class is appropriate for adults and also kids age 10 and up.  This class is amazing and full of great technique! Welcome to the most delicious (and […]

Summer Superfoods! Gluten Free!!

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Clean eating isn't just a trend, it should be a way of life!  Eating clean is a good way to refresh your habits: it’s about consuming more of the healthiest options in each of […]

Tuscany Date Night

Sold Out $30.00 – $160.00

SOLD OUT! This class is for Adults only.  This ticket is sold as a ticket for TWO persons to attend together.  If you over purchase tickets for this class we […]

The Great British Baking Class

Sold Out $30.00 – $85.00

SOLD OUT! Spending a day in the iconic Great British Bake Off tent is the dream of a lifetime. We may not be able to be in the tent with […]

The Art of Fish

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Adult tickets only!! Fish and seafood are often an intimidating proteins for home cooks to tackle. They can be quite finicky, which often results in fish or seafood that is […]

Italian – All Ages

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Appropriate for adults and kids age 6-16.  If your child is above age 16, please purchase an adult ticket. You can’t make everyone happy, you aren’t pizza!  But in this […]

Chinese Takeout

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Love Chinese takeout??  Ours is BETTER!  Great class for kids (age 7 and up) and adults!!! Americans love good food, and in recent years, we’ve been loving the food from […]

An Evening in Paris Date Night

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We call this one of our best classes for sure.  Sells out every time.  Adults only, please. Tickets sold in pairs.  Please buy JUST ONE TICKET PER COUPLE!!  WE WILL […]