"The Art or Practice of Cooking"

Food and Wine of Sonoma, CA – Date Night


This class is for Adults only.  This ticket is sold as a ticket for TWO persons to attend together.  Bring any partner you choose!  We will not refund your money if you over-purchase tickets.  Great class for a sophisticated palate and wine lovers!! I'm sure we all wish we could travel more, so why not […]

Marvel-ous Superhero Universe – All Ages

$45.00 – $75.00

Almost Sold out!  Only (1) Adult & Child ticket remaining! For adults and kids age 4 and up! - Does everyday life seem boring to you? Do you long for a world full of excitement?  Well then this class is for you! We can't promise they will give you actual superpowers, but these recipes straight […]

Taste of Thailand – Adults Only


SOLD OUT! Thai food is up and coming and we are loving it!  Traditional food from Thai can be classified into four basic categories - boiled dishes, spicy salads, pounded foods, and curries.  We will tackle each category in this class for the adventurous eater!  Those bold flavors will come through in each dish as […]

Gluten Free Baking

$45.00 – $85.00

Being sensitive to gluten may change the way you eat, but it doesn't have to change the way you celebrate! That's right! We can show how to make all the goodies you love, gluten-free. Fill your celebrations with gluten-free desserts that your whole family will love! In class, we will be working together to make […]

Sushi – All Ages

$60.00 – $90.00

Almost Sold out! Only ONE ticket left! One of our best classes and one of our most popular!  Ages 10 and up or anyone who just loves sushi! If you love sushi as much as we do, grab your friends and family, and join us for one of our best classes with a mix of […]

Island Foods Date Night


SOLD OUT! Great date night or night out with friends! This ticket is sold as a ticket for TWO persons to attend together.  If you over purchase tickets for this class we will not refund you. Please be sure to only purchase one ticket for 2 persons to attend together. Cultures all over the world […]

Magical Clubhouse

$45.00 – $75.00

Everyone is welcome in our clubhouse!!  Appropriate for ages 4-14 with an adult! Come inside, it’s fun inside!!! Join us for a class filled with Mickey’s Clubhouse inspired foods guaranteed to make even your little ones say “Oh Boy!”  What magic we will create in this hands-on workshop with recipes like Oh Toodles Noodles, Goofy’s […]

Tex Mex & Cocktails – Adults only!


SOLD OUT! Adults only please! Tex Mex cuisine is perfect for summer! This food comes from the southern border of the United States, especially in areas that are heavily influenced by Mexican culture. It's full of fresh, vibrant flavors that pair great with hot weather. In this class, we'll talk about the differences in regional […]

Cooking Light for Spring!

$45.00 – $75.00

We know how hard it is to eat healthy while craving junk foods and balancing a busy schedule. Some days, comfort food is just calling our name, so how can we enjoy the foods we love while staying on track? We've got new and interesting meals to keep you going strong, and making healthier decisions!  […]

Spring Cake Decorating 101

$65.00 – $85.00

Only ONE ticket left!! If you don't see the ticket for the flavor you need just let us know! We love teaching our cake decorating skills here!  Each season has a new cake to add to your portfolio, starting this year with Spring!  This year's cake will look gorgeous on your dining table for all […]