"The Art or Practice of Cooking"

Knife Skills

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Appropriate for ages 7 and up!!  This class is about breaking bad habits and building proper skills to be more kitchen efficient!  It’s literally the best class eva!!! This is […]

Pizza Party – All Ages

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Ain't no party like a PIZZA party! Cheesy, crunchy and deeeeelicious - this class is great for ages 4 and up! Turns out, this kid and adult friendly dish is […]

Summer Cake Decorating

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In this Summer Cake Decorating class, we will be decorating these beautiful Watermelon Rosette cakes. It's the perfect edition to your summer bbq meal!!  We will teach all the basic […]

Spanish Tapas – Date Night

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Adults only please. This ticket is sold as a 2 PERSON TICKET!  Please buy one ticket per couple to attend. We will not offer a refund if you over-purchase tickets […]

Carnival Food Favorites

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Great for ages 7 and up! Carnivals are the best part of summer - the atmosphere, the rides, the games. Join us here in this class to cook up all […]

Italian – 16+

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You can’t make everyone happy, you aren’t pizza!  But in this class everyone will be leaving with a smile because this buffet includes not only several kinds of pizza…but also […]